About Us

Presto Integrators, is setup with a dedicated team of architects, business analysts, solution consultants and developers with vast knowledge of BPM, ERP, SharePoint, data modelling, VS.Net and Business Analysis. Our consultants worked on major software and business product vendors such as Microsoft and Oracle.

At Presto Integrators, we saw quick expansion of client base across the USA, UK and Middle East. We established an all-hours operation to cover all regions.

To every complex challenge, there EXIST a definite solution.

Lailah Gifty Akita, The Alphabets of Success: Passion Driven Life

We focus on the right solution to client business problems. We do not provide just a solution – a correct solution. Only correct solution will save cost.

Our consultants worked on all verticals from education to banking; from judicial to telecommunication; from legal to pharma technologies. We take pride in our services.

We believe in delivering quality solutions for our customers. We take leadership of the tasks ahead and tackle them to avoid project delay. As a principle, we do our most diligence to keep our clients’ best interest ahead.

At Presto Integrators, we empower customers to implement a business solution not only is easier to implement but also to address future maintenance. Our consultants cover a multitude of work experience for you. We represent all the interests of our clients and strive for a quality solution to our customer issues

We are committed to customer satisfaction!


Customer satisfaction


Proficiency of technological skills

Proficiency of technological skills Foresight to take business forward

Problem solving skills