New Matter Intake (New Business Intake) – A new case registration process implemented in OpenText BPM. Several integration points with LegalKey, WCF, SharePoint and billing system.

Case Record Management – Solution to create and manage case records with actions using WCF, BPM, ERP and SharePoint. This solution displays additional actions that apply to a specific case depending on user access. The solution generates documents and stores it in SharePoint document library.

Legal Invoice and Billing system – Solution to create auto-invoicing and billing system Oracle, BPM and custom Reporting tool. The project used Oracle 11g R2 database using stored procedures and packages to execute business logics and extract data. The Reporting tool extracts data from Oracle using the packages and generates invoices.


Client Portfolio Management – A BPM Fax solution integrated with SharePoint 2010 to manage client folio. SharePoint is used to store documents and manage libraries and lists. Managers and supervisors retrieve client portfolio documents from SharePoint and take actions such as approve, reject, re-work, etc.

Financial Data Exchange – Implemented a secure data exchange between XML financial data suppliers and consumers. Subscribers to financial data will be provisioned and approved through a BPM workflow. List of subscribers are stored in SharePoint 2013 and data is driven through an ASP.Net portal, WCF and SharePoint implementation.

IRS Document Approval – Foreign account tax withholding approval process conforming to new IRS law requirement. The BPM solution starts with scanning an IRS tax document and route it to bank business units to check against IRS requirements. The forms are several kind and takes on different routes depending on data.


Call Center Integration – Call center application driven by BPM and Salesforce data implementation to manage service request logs, escalations, milestones, support and SLAs. Salesforce form is used as a user interface tool to interact with end user.

Data Management – PeopleSoft integration with BPM to manage sales, opportunities, customer and other financial information. Our team built a reusable dynamic broker that can be plugged into several PeopleSoft consumer applications.

Web portals and content management – Dynamic content management for product catalogue and customized portal for online retailers. The application will register products with unique key and description and creates a list to be provisioned by supervisors. It also sets routes to financial analyst to review price, cost, quantity, etc. Once the product is approved it becomes available to web subscribers.


Court Case Registration – A BPM solution to register a criminal case for initial hearing, arraignment, notify lawyers, attach documents, extract initial police information, etc. It also records court actions and judgement history as approved by the court judge and legal secretaries.

Lawyer Assignment Registration – A BPM integrated solution to record lawyer details and assign to defendants that cannot afford to hire their own attorney.

Habeas Corpus Notification – A BPM ad-hoc solution to automatically calculate count of Habeas Corpus dates and set court date priority to view the case before it expires. The solution also create reports, send legal notifications to court judges, notify lawyers, etc.


Employee Medical Records Solution – A BPM solution to record, approve and manage employee medical records upon taking new employment with companies. Document references are stored in SharePoint and displayed as a report in SSRS. MVC application was used as a user interface to interact with end users.

Medical Insurance Complaint Management – A BPM solution to register an employee complaints against doctors, health care providers, conformity to medical standard and medical malpractices. The solution tracks cases and sets up independent litigation and medical reviews.

Health Care Act Data Exchange – Implemented a data exchange (i.e. EDI) solution to help and assist medical record registration for Health Care Act conformity. Medical data subscribers will submit a request and that will be automatically evaluated and processed with the return data. Each subscriber has a unique data requirement and the system identifies each request based on the data source.


Business Process Specification and Design – We worked with customers to create business process documentation including requirement specification, design, non-functional specifications and detailed analysis documentations. We were also responsible to create system manual, user guides and additional documents.

IT Integration Analysis – Engaged with clients to identify points of system integration and create feasibility document to detail out business values and maximize profitability. We also analyzed the performance impact of the current integration and recommended certain changes to the customer.

Business Process Change Management – This is where we work with clients to analyze current end to end system and provide a solution that resolves customer problems with a given budget and time. Depending on our solution approach, it may be required to divide the implementation into a series of phases.


Banking Document Scan – A BPM solution to initiate an account opening decision process from document scan and route for review and approvals. The scanned application gathers data from the scanned documents and provides initial decision that will be reviewed by supervisors. This implementation involves Oracle Financial, rule engine and Oracle database.

Financial Details Reports – A solution to create regular and on-demand reports for management and sales team review. Reports are also sent as email attachments with different formats. The data is collected from current business and historical data.

KPI Dashboard – A two level, i.e. management and user view, KPI (Key Performance Indicators) dashboard implementation using SSRS. We built dashboards that are controlled by user roles to show key business targets, measures, performances and activities.


College Registration and Approval – BPM solution to register students for various classes programs and make a decision based on certain criteria that are supplied by students. It also routes to a manual processing in case of appeals and additional review requirements. The system allows students request manual review by suspending current activity.

Self Help Portal – A solution that is managed by students to rent materials from library, contact staffs, manage course works, request legal documents, support documents, etc. This solution helps staffs to focus on administrative matters. The system also generates approved pre-designed documents.

Fee Installment Manager – BPM process integrated with AMEX API to process and transfer payment and fees collected from students and partners. It also processes expenses for employees and patrons.